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>Our goal es to support classical dressage and the breeding of Lusitanos with a quality above average, which are the ideal partner both for the amateur rider as well as the rider with competition interest. 

Classical Dressage:

We do not invent a new riding school but try to transmit in the most understandable way to our pupils kowledge which has been proven to be correct for centuries. 

In art I love everything which has beauty, I do not believe in one "school" (Extract from a letter by Giuseppe Verdi to his friend Domenico Morelli).

The work of rider and horse should be pleasant – for both. We think that the pleasure comes if the horse is trained according to the principles of classical dressage. A solid base, careful training of difficult lessions which by finishing the training area realized in balance with lightness and brillance. Every rider which gives the correct aids should be able to ride the horses trained by us. We explain the reasons for specific steps in the training or when giving the aids and we want our pupils to learn to "feel" when something is correct or wrong and by this become independent riders. We are not in favour of training isolated lessons if the bases of training of the horse is not yet ready. The lessons often are presented if the basis is correct. If this is not the case, the lessons are most of the times forced and without grace and transitions do not work correctly. 

To train a horse does not only mean, 
that you train submission,
as many think. It is equally important,
that the horse feels pleasure,
by doing what is required.
(Nuno Oliveira)


Arte Ecuestre is breeding Lusitanos, which are characterized by over average movements, sufficient height and clear head with ability to learn and to cooperate and which satisfy the needs of both ambitous amatuers as well as riders with the aim to compete.

For us it is important to use stallions with over average three airs, a perfect morphology and willingness to cooperate and to work and last but not least beauty. Also our mares are of over average quality, as we are convinced that the breed will fulfill our aims if both parents are excellent. We ride our mares at the beginning in order to veriy their abilities as a riding horse. Furthermore we look for a friendly and caring character as the fillies are copying their behaviour from mothers. Our fillies are very close to humans from the very first day.  

You are looking for a pure Lusitano stallion to cover your mare? 

You can contact us via cellphone 0034-678688661 or 0049-172 8402644 or 0041-797884054. We are also happy to receive your email at: Micaela@arte-ecuestre.com